The liberal thought process is lacking insight and knowledge
Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Once upon a time when I was about 18 to 19 I too thought that the military was a non-essential element to our U.S. government being as naive as I was.

But, 42 years ago, I married a career sailor. How quickly I learned about the life of a military family. Within a month my husband was off for a nine-month deployment to where we were not sure. Little money. The military is grossly underpaid and we don’t get free food, rent, or anything else as some may think. You have to stay a minimum of 20 years to get any pension as you might expect from Lockheed or the railroad but less money.

As it turned out, he got sick on the way and was left with a pilot and a maintenance crew of himself and one other in a foreign port. I had planned to join him at Christmas in that foreign port. I quickly learned what it was like from their side of the cruise. Phone calls at midnight to coincide with USA time and about $3 a minute. The skipper asked me at Christmas if I would stay and go home as they left for home. So, my visit turned into six months. This was just one experience.

So with this experience, I became the ombudsman for the rest of our career totaling 14 years on my part. What is an ombudsman you ask? The liaison for the squadron, ship or command and families left behind when deployment takes place and even when we were home and they needed help to get help with medical, pay, counseling, coordination with deaths, severe illness either at home or for the military member.

What can go wrong? My dad died while he was out to sea. Wives tried to commit suicide, kids were born either with or without issues, graduations, weddings, all sorts of family issues that we civilians take for granted.

Where do you get details when there is a major fire on board the USS Ranger while deployed? The ombudsman. How do you get a message to the ship when a child is born or grandma is in the hospital and not expected to live? The communication goes on. When you can’t tell all the sailor knows to the spouse and yet the news gives away clues. You still are in the dark as to details and don’t know if your spouse is OK or not. Many thanks to the chaplains in the military, too.

Now multiply this by five to six thousand guys on just one ship. This affects all of them and the related parties to each of them.

This is only a snapshot of one branch of the service. How about the guys on the ground in Iraq, Iran, or wherever and all the conflicts, i.e., Korea, WWI, WWII, etc. Without their support we could be a third world country, begging for food and water.

Once you have walked the walk, as the spouse at home or the soldier in the field, you quickly learn what is important and the value of the mission, if you can even talk about it.

You quickly learn to appreciate what you did not know at 18 or 19 or not being a military family. We don’t pay anyone enough in the military for what they sacrifice and forfeit from the family and the soldier. How did we make it? By faith in our country, the constitution written by our forefathers and a belief in a supreme being. Most military will tell you that they carry images, thoughts, feelings and much more for a lifetime. Some cope but some take to drugs and may even take their lives. It changes who we are and also the families affected. If drugs bother you, start by closing the southern border or yet all borders.

After my experience when I was in my twenties until today: I learned that without the military and the meager pay they get and support that they fight for even today years later there is no way that it is even close to socialism or a giveaway.

I know that my life while good because of my experience and inside dealings as the ombudsman has been hard at times.

How many widows, orphans or other relatives have paid the ultimate price? How many have lost limbs, sight, or worse, lives. Our VA may have some faults and could be improved but the vast number of people helped is short of all or most who have been helped. No welfare check is paid to anyone who has sacrificed like our military, police and first responders.

The liberal thought process is gravely lacking insight and knowledge. You need to sit and talk to the guys and gals who have sacrificed for your freedom. Most will tell you they would go again if necessary. Most will also tell you, that even though your comments are lacking insight they will support Matt Rosendale long before the phony far left liberal extremist Jon Tester. What rancher works in the white shirt and comes out from under it clean as a whistle?

Sue Martin