Young entrepreneurs thrive at farmers market


Suzetta Swift, 12, of Emigrant and her younger brother Kestrel, 10, know quite a bit about the flowers they are selling at the Livingston Farmers Market at their booth they call “Giving Gardens” near the Miles Park Band Shell in Sacajawea Park on Wednesday evenings. 

“We’ve got a bunch of gladiolus, some ruby silk lovegrass and we’ve got some echinops, which is commonly known as globe thistle and really popular,” Suzetta said in her best sales pitch voice. 

Then Kestrel chimed in, “We have snapdraggons and oregano flowers and dahlias. The amount of flowers we have really varies around the seasons; sometimes we have vegetables and plant starts as well.” 

The two young entrepreneurs have been selling their goods at the Livingston Farmers Market for the past three years and said their parents helped them come up with a good way to organize their profits. 

“We put 50 percent of the money we make towards a college fund, we give 10 percent to charities, and that leaves us with 40 percent personal profit,” Suzetta said.

And they even have a pretty good work schedule in place. 

“The fact that we work as a tag team allows one to go on break while the other works the booth,” Suzetta added. “This is our third year; we know what we are doing.”


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