Young entrepreneurs donate to causes, Stafford Animal Shelter

Samantha Hill

Livingston twins presented $214 to the Stafford Animal Shelter, which they helped raise through a young entrepreneurial venture at the Western Sustainability Exchange Livingston Farmers Market this summer.

Nine-year-olds Alissa and Megan Ruebusch participated in the Young Entreprenurial Stewardship program, or YES, in which they sold goods at the Farmers Market, according to a WSE news release.

On Wednesday, Alissa and Megan gave Stafford the funds, which will go toward food and veterinary costs for the animals. They were also able to give one of the dogs, Shasta — a 1-year-old reservation dog — toys and a couple of dog treats.

At farmers markets, the Ruebusches had one of the more successful booths called Beauty Buddies, which offered people hair and nail services, WSE Executive Lill Erickson said.

“Every one of the kids that participated in the (YES) program were successful, but these two, for being so young, were very professional,” Erickson said.

The twins were happy to participate in the program and said they loved making people happy and honing their beauty skills through their business.

“(Megan) is the best at braiding hair,” Alissa said Wednesday of her sister, who went on to say they were both happy to provide all of their services.

Over 60 Livingston students ranging from ages 9 to 12 participated in the YES program over the summer selling baked goods and handmade items.

WSE collects a $2.50 a week fee from the students in its program and donates those funds to one of 14 possible nonprofits. Stafford Animal Shelter became the recipient of the money this year, according to the release.

Erickson said WSE plans to continue the YES program next year during the farmers market and wants to incorporate more students and schools.