WYOamericana Caravan coming to town

The WYOamericana Caravan  includes a physics professor and a college economist. 

“We get into some pretty heady conversations,” Aaron Davis, a member of one of the bands on the tour said Tuesday.

This is the second year the Wyoming-based tour has hit the road, Seadar Rose, the tour’s coordinator said. 

“We call it the traveling concert circus,” Rose said in a phone interview. 

Rose and her husband, Davis, are members of the Jackson, Wyo.-based band, Screen Door Porch. They got the idea a year ago to take a couple of other Wyoming bands on a tour to some surrounding states. She booked the venues herself and got two other bands on board. 

The caravan tour will be in Livingston for a “double header,” a two-night appearance, at the Murray Bar Monday and Tuesday nights. 

Last year’s tour attracted the attention of a journalist who pitched the story, Davis said, to the New York Times, where the story appeared on June 21 of last year. 

Getting a write-up in the Times was  “pretty random,” Davis said, and definitely helped with their exposure.

“We started getting emails from all over the country from people who wanted to see us,” Davis said. 

He credits the exposure with helping them book more venues and travel farther on this year’s tour, which includes stops, in addition to those in Wyoming, in Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Montana.

Their promotional materials include the phrase “12 musicians, five states, 18 shows in 19 days.” 

 Putting together a couple of bands for a tour isn’t a new idea, Davis said, comparing the tour to the old “revue” shows, but the practice is not so common today. 

The tour includes two other bands with an Americana sound, J Shogren Shanghai’d and the Patti Fiasco band. 

This is where the “heady conversations” come in. The Patti Fiasco group includes a physics teacher, Davis said, and J Shogren Shanghai’d is named for its front man, Jason Shogren, also known in his day job as Dr. Shogren, an economics professor at the University of Wyoming. 

Shogren, along with about 2,500 scientists, shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and former Vice President Al Gore, Jr. 

Shogren toured with the caravan last year. But new this year is the Patti Fiasco band, out of Fort Collins, Colo., but originally from Laramie, Wyo. 

The tour, Rose said,will hit the road every year with a different roster of bands, reflecting “the really great music” coming out of Wyoming. 

She said the state’s landscape is a factor in her own songwriting.

“There’s something about this state that lends itself to opening you up and letting nature run through you,” she said. 

The Americana genre encompasses a lot of different styles, but Rose’s definition includes country, folk, blues and rock. 

Rose said there were musicians performing an Americana style before the term was actually defined. She said artists like Gram Parsons, Neil Young, and Crosby, Stills and Nash are examples of those doing Americana. 

The WYOamericana Caravan Tour will appear on KGLT’s “Live from the Divide” program tonight at 8 p.m.

A short documentary on last year’s tour was released recently. 

See more and listen to tracks of all three bands online at www.wyoamericana.com.


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