Writer disappointed with the actions of U.S. Congress


I want to thank Congress for the huge raise that I will receive next year. Social Security gave seniors a two percent raise. For most of us, it will be from $2 to $6 per month. I want to also thank Congress for the tax reform plan which will give  the middle income families and small businesses  a temporary and slight reduction in their taxes. I am glad that the rich will get richer and I will ask those who ask for donations from me to contact those who got a huge deduction in taxes. My heart goes out to those who will lose their medical benefits, especially the poor. After the last tax reform, the trickle down theory did not shorten the employment rate or  raise the wages of the workers. I hope that I am wrong in my predictions for the future. Again, be sure to thank our elected state and national representatives in voting for our concerns.

Nancy Adkins