Wilsall girl scout crushes cookie sales in Mont.

Samantha Hill

A Wilsall girl scout dominated at selling cookies this year, ranking in the top 30 for both Wyoming and Montana.

Teah Vennes, who just turned nine years-old, decided before New Years that she was going to sell a lot of cookies, according to her mother Holly Vennes.

Teah had a goal in mind, trying to earn her way to one of the largest prizes, an American Girl Doll.

“She really wanted that doll,” Vennes said.

Teah said Thursday she also wanted to share her sales with her club and the boxes of cookies with all of the people in her community.

Teah’s commitment to selling turned her into a smooth-talking businesswoman, Vennes said.

“She would go into a business and say ‘let’s make a deal’,” Vennes laughed. “I don’t know where she learned that.”

The young girl scout canvassed neighbors as well as Park County, Bozeman and Belgrade businesses. She convinced two tire and body shops to offer a free box of cookies with their services.

Teah said that the most popular cookies this year were the s’mores flavor.

According to the officials at the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming organization, Teah sold 1,251 boxes of cookies during her few month streak but according to her mother, she actually sold more.

“She only needed 1,200 to get the doll so she realized she could help out other girls if she donated some of her sales,” Vennes said.

Because of her sales, Teah ranked number 28 in the list of cookie sellers in both Montana and Wyoming.

With her troop, Teah hopes to be able to save up their club money for a trip in the future.

Teah said she went to Hawaii with her family and had “so much fun,” she wanted to take her troop with her.