William ‘Scott’ Dahl

Thursday, August 23, 2018

It is with great sorrow and sadness that we announce that William “Scott” Dahl has left us for better fishing holes (as if there is one better than his secret spot on the Yellowstone River). On Aug. 6 at 59 years old, Scott’s life ended after a short battle with cancer.

Scooter, the Little Rascal, was born in Billings, Mont. His big sister, Tammie, was not sure what to do with him when he first arrived. Tammie reminisced, “It was only Scotty and I for quite a while until Rhonda showed up in the house.” Scott’s mom and dad, Janet and Ronald, left Billings and moved the family to Big Timber, at which time another addition was added, Sheryl. Scott attended kindergarten and grade school in Big Timber until the family moved to Bozeman.

“Scott nicknamed me ‘Rubber Bottom’ when I was 7,” mused Rhonda. “We would go sledding at Pete’s Hill in Bozeman on an old toboggan that I had to ride on the back of. While barreling down the hill and hitting the bumps I would bounce up and down … like a rubber ball.”

Ronald and Janet bought the Home Bakery in Livingston Montana, and Scott spent many graveyard shifts by his father’s side making donuts and bread. Baking was not in Scott’s blood so he moved on to carpentry, which he learned from his Uncle Gene Shirah. Finish carpentry ended up being Scott’s vocation. He also added metal fabrication to his wheel house after graduating from Helena College of Technology with a degree in Metals Technology AAS in 2005.

Before college and other endeavors, Scott married Sally Undicelli on Aug. 2, 1986. They had two children together, Justin in 1987 and Monica Rose in 1990. Even though the marriage ended, Scott and Sally remained good friends until the end. The last few months of Scott’s life Sally spent many hours talking with him and helping where she could.

Scott LOVED to fish! He was a fish slayer. His friend David Gjersing fondly recalls that Scott was the only person he had ever met that could keep up with his own passion for fishing. They spent many water- and fish-filled hours together … slaying it!

Scott also loved to camp and hunt, something he had done since he was a young boy with his father, Ron. Scott was also a passionate artist. His family and friends are proud to display his pictures on their walls. There was not a board game or card game Scott would refuse to be a part of, and he was always up for a great water fight, tickle battle or some sort of shenanigans.

Scott had been sober since Jan. 29, 2002. He was active in AA groups wherever he landed. Helena, Montana and Boise, Idaho were two of his favorites. He made great friends, had a terrific support network and also mentored where he could. He will be remembered fondly by those groups. Quick with a smile, joke or to lend a hand.

With his sobriety came an embracing of his faith and also, with time, he learned the art of giving and the joy it could bring. Even toward the end of his life he was helping others, and they in turn embraced him and welcomed him into their family. The joy, love and empathy Robin Ellsworth and her family, Sarah, Kody, Ethan, Khloe and their little fourlegged friend, Bubba, showed Scott will be everlasting and not forgotten. He was able to go berry picking, fishing, pistol shooting and sit outside to drink up the star-filled sky in Trout Creek, Montana.

Scott is survived by Justin Dahl, Monica Dahl, Sally Dahl, Tammie Dahl-Newman, Rhonda (Dahl) and Allen Mullins, Sheryl Dahl, Gene Shirah and Jacque Todd, David and Lorrie Gjersing, Leah Howery, Keith and Patsy Goble, Robert Allison (birth father), many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Scott was preceded in death by Janet and Ronald Dahl, William “Papa” and Elina Shirah, Dan Newman, Doug Beatty.

Per Scott’s wishes, he wanted to pass simply. His ashes have been spread in the Yellowstone.

He was a testament to his faith in God!