Why we should re-elect Lamm


I submit this letter in full support of Rep. Debra Lamm in her re-election bid. I have had the privilege of working with Rep. Lamm for the past four years, both in her capacity as a state representative, and as an advocate for families and education. Debra Lamm’s integrity is impeccable. She is a terrific researcher and always comes to hearings and meetings fully prepared. She never fails to listen to both sides of a story or issue, and then exercises independent judgment in forming her conclusions.  

Debra Lamm is fair, compassionate, reasonable, intelligent, and informed.  

The city of Livingston has a high-quality representative in the state Legislature and will be well served by sending her back to Helena. It has been my privilege to work with Rep. Lamm and I strongly urge you to vote for her.  

Kristin Hansen
Senator, SD 14