Where in the world is Gov. Greg Gianforte?

Friday, June 17, 2022


Following the unprecedented floods this week, home and business owners in Park County, Red Lodge and elsewhere are swamping out buildings, assessing massive damage to roads and bridges, and worrying about the economic impact on tourism of closing the northern gateway to Yellowstone. But where is Gov. Greg Gianforte? According to his office, he is “out of the country” on a “personal trip.” Three days after this massive flood event, Gianforte’s office still refuses to say when he will return or even where he is. Apparently, that is something we his subjects — oops! Constituents — don’t have the right to know. Is Gianforte busy punching out another British journalist? Or shooting more radio-collared wildlife? We can only speculate — but hey! The boring business of actually governing Montana must never interfere with the rich boy having fun.

Sarah Ward



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