Where is the public outcry over Donald Trump?


I have long wondered why there is no ongoing consistent public outcry over Donald Trump’s consistently incomprehensible fumbling and bumbling, his humiliating and shamefully destabilizing childish antics both domestically and internationally.

He has demonstrated that he is the biggest fool to ever hit the big time. This little man with the styling gel comb over is a huge discredit to Constitutional government. We the people, in order to maintain our form of government, dare not chain ourselves to complacent behavior while the presidential idiot dismembers the good old United States of America one racially bigoted stunt after another. 

We face an increasingly distressful situation day after day. The ship of state is floundering while the political rats raid the galley.

Is this truly the way you want it? America, where is your voice? Do not wait for the next election. Make some noise today!

Bill Stephens