What are they thinking?

Thursday, November 7, 2019


When it was decided to put the spray park in bucolic Mike Webb/G street park, one of the reasons given was to “take the pressure off” Sacajawea Park. With the soccer fields, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and picnic areas, it was obvious this area did not need more use or traffic. Now the powers that be want to put a multi-use recreation center in virtually the same area just down the street where the Civic Center stands.

This is already a heavily used area with the band shell, skate park, lagoon, softball/baseball fields, dog park and various events like the Farmer’s Market. In addition, this area is served by a road with a much abused 15-mph speed limit  that can already be quite congested, particularly when the schools are in session. Tearing down the classic Civic Center and erecting a larger building would not only put the pressure on this area but it would ruin the open feeling and lessen the mountain and river views. 

I, like so many others, want a rec center and an indoor pool, but when you add the above concerns to the levee/flooding concerns brought up by another writer, you have to ask yourself: What are these people thinking? 

Mark Adams