We get to enjoy product of some hard work


Starting last week, the citizens of Livingston, are getting to enjoy the product of some very hard work by a special lady, Karla Petit.

The flowers on the light poles and the street furniture are brought to you by the B.I.D., Business Improvement District, and the U.R.A. Karla is part of a small committee of volunteers that guide the downtown businesses who support this district. I have witnessed Karla’s amazing energy firsthand.

I just wanted to say thank-you to Karla and everyone who is involved with the B.I.D. and U.R.A. These groups also work in conjunction with the City of Livingston. Because of them, Livingston will be “all dressed up” for the Roundup and Summerfest! Enjoy Livingston; we have a beautiful little city

Sandy Wulf