Watching out for the birds


There is an issue that happens so often, and no one ever writes about it. So I decided that I will. I have spoken to family and friends about this matter, and people are concerned, but not really willing to do anything about it.

First, let me give you a scenario. Imagine you or a loved one were injured, on an extremely busy highway, and unable to dodge oncoming traffic.

Alright, now just imagine that every single time a car or truck came toward your broken body, the vehicles came closer and closer to running you over. It would be not only be terrifying, but something seen, such as this, with our own eyes and just ignored, is plain disgusting and inhuman. Also, no one ever tries to save your life, pretty terrible, I think. If you don’t know by now, I am talking about those poor, innocent birds on North C street. Every day my 5-year-old son learns about death and suffering, just because we are trying to avoid the trains. What kind of new generation are we going to encourage? Not to mention, I’m pretty sure the speed limit is 15 mph. I know it isn’t 40 mph. I also know that if we can have a “Duck Crossing,” we can slow down, and be more careful with the pigeons. I hope it doesn’t take a human fatality for someone to finally hear me.

Julie Cruz