Volunteers help elderly with assistance, meals

Samantha Hill

Multiple organizations  offer assistance to the elderly in Park County. Two of them continue to grow to incorporate more people into the programs.

The Senior Companion Program, through the Rocky Mountain Development Council, is a Helena-based volunteer organization that assists free of charge elderly people who have difficulty getting around to day-to-day appointments, meals or shopping trips.

Anna Patterson, 82, is one of the two people involved with Senior Companions in the area. Patterson said she gives each person she assists a few hours of her time almost every day.

She said she has always been involved in different volunteer organizations since moving to the area from Germany after World War II and enjoys her work.

Patterson said that the more people who sign up to receive assistance, the better, because it allows the organization to receive more funding and serve more people.

Patterson said that as of last month, she and the other volunteer are helping three people, but they can serve up to three more.

While the Senior Companion program looks for more applicants, Park County Meals on Wheels delivers meals to elderly people. Last year, 33,000 meals were provided, according to an MOW news release.

The organization is supported by four part-time staff. It charges seniors $4  to eat at the Park County Senior Center. Elderly people may also receive the meals delivered at their homes.

For more information about Senior Companionship, call 577-0965.

For more information about MOW Monday through Friday, call 222-7195.