Upcoming forum is excellent opportunity to evaluate candidates

Friday, October 18, 2019


There are several traits an effective Livingston city commissioner should possess. The foundation trait is the desire and ability to successfully represent the Livingston community. Success is measured by positive decision results, both current and future. Facts, real ones, are required to accomplish this.

The second trait is the ability to communicate and cooperate with others so that timely outcomes can be reached. This is achieved by mutual respect and civil dialog (both with constituents and city staff ) and weighing options.

Both incumbents, Melissa and Mel, meet these requirements. After a year on the commission, Melissa has proven to be exceptionally capable of representing Livingston. Her research is obvious when discussing commission items and her questions are objective, thorough and pertinent. Her motivation is a desire to help create results that align with what the Livingston community wants. The unprecedented effort Melissa has made in recently introducing herself to hundreds of community members is an illustration of her wish for universal inclusion. She wants everyone to be respectfully heard.

An excellent opportunity for evaluating all current candidates will be the AAUW’s candidate forum this next Monday, the 21st, at 6 p.m. in the City County Complex.

Warren Mabie

Livingston City Commissioner