Unethical, unilateral involvement in Park County road issues

Monday, March 9, 2020


The letter to the editor of March 5 (titled “Why I can’t vote for Marty Malone”) corroborates some of my experience with the same former county commissioner’s unethical, illegal and unilateral involvement in two Park County road issues.

In the L.E. Dunn (created in 1914) county road issue, after all the records and hearings documented the county road status, said commissioner denied the county status of the road and allowed a local real estate agent to illegally remove county interpretive signage (property) from the county road right of way. After I reported the theft of this county property to the Sheriff’s Department, and a conversation with the realtor, the signage mysteriously reappeared. This county road includes public access to about 1 mile of Yellowstone River frontage.

In the Old Baldy/Upper Dry Creek (created in 1923) county road case, said commissioner unilaterally objected to an expert witness report and the district judge’s opinion that the road was indeed a county road. The former commissioner then unilaterally engaged Park County Attorney staff to support the plaintiff that closed the proven county road. The commissioner’s rationale being, “the county doesn’t need any more roads.” When I asked for documentation of the county costs for this action, I was told, “We didn’t keep records of the costs.”

Larry A. Lahren

East of Livingston