Monday, January 13, 2020


The country we have known as the United States of America has become a rogue country with a rogue leader. The shining city on a hill grows dimmer day by day under this administration.

We have a leader who is ignorant of our history, disregards our Constitution, and shows contempt for half of our population. He has damaged relationships with every country on earth with the possible exception of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea. He is laughed at on the world stage.

He has paved the way for the degradation of our land, water, and air with his massive surge of deregulation which will only line the pockets of his fat cat cronies. He has thrown the vehicle of American progress into reverse.

Welcome to Trumpistan.

I do not care if the next President is a Democrat or a Republican but America, as we have known it, cannot survive four more years of this wanna be dictator.

Mark Adams