Trump, the narcissist


Way back in the late ’90s, Mark Singer, when he was working with Donald Trump on his profile for The New Yorker, asked Trump, “When you are shaving in front of the mirror, what are you thinking about?” I can’t write the answer Singer got, but Trump’s thing, he said, had to do with a woman. Singer never got an answer from Trump — he seemed baffled by the question. Singer came to this conclusion, “The candidate for president of the USA had managed to achieve something remarkable: The existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.”

I was not going to write a letter, again about Donald Trump, however, if I can change even one person’s mind about voting for this person, I feel it’s worth it. Here is the description of Donald Trump and his “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”:

1) Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others. (This is why Trump is desperate to get back at anyone he perceives has wronged him!)

2) Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc. (This is why Trump thinks running for president of this country is a game. As he has said, “It’s all about the numbers”!)

3) Self-perception of being unique, superior and associated with high-status people and institutions. (This is exactly why Trump treated the people of Aberdeen, Scotland, the way he did — Google “You’ve Been Trumped.” This is a perfect example of how Trump treats all “The Little People!”)

4) Needing constant admiration from others. (Trump reminds my of a peacock preening his feathers to keep that admiration coming! I saw him talk, talk, talk at the debate and say absolutely nothing of substance!)

5) Sense of entitlement to special treatment and obedience from others. (This is why Trump can lie, cheat, use, manipulate, steal and leave “The little people,” holding the bag when he refuses to pay them for the work they did for him!)

6) Exploitative of others for personal gain. (This is what Trump has done all his life — he uses people and throws them away!)

7) Unwilling to empathize with others feelings, wishes or needs. (This is why Trump can treat people so horribly and dismiss them so easily, and why he will never apologize for his behavior! He was also having an affair with Marla Maples on his first wife!)

8) Intensely jealous of others and has the belief that others are equally jealous of them. (Because somewhere deep inside him he feels like the fraud he is — what happened to him in his childhood?!)

9) Pompous and arrogant demeanor. (This is Donald Trump in a nutshell!)

If we do not get out to vote, people, we are in deep trouble, because this is the man with no substance and no idea of reality — it is a TV show to him, who will become the POTUS! I can envision what will happen if he is in the White House. I can see the signs already, “The Trump White House, Bed and Breakfast.” Yes, our prices are sky high, but if you men want, we can throw in a Beauty Queen!” This man is dangerous, and the people that he appeals to may deserve what they get, but not the rest of us!

Sharon K. Snow