Trump’s many false, misleading statements since taking office


I am responding to Mr. Larry Stephenson’s Feb. 14 letter, “May the most constitutionally honest candidates win the election.” Well, Donald Trump is a pathological liar, so we were off to a bad start a year ago.

In Trump’s first 298 days on the golf course, he made false or misleading statements 1,628 times. If he told me the right time of day, I would not believe him! One of his biggest lies still is, that he has had no business with the Russians, he did not, however, say the Russians haven’t had any business with him! Trump said, “I have no business with the Russians because we stay away.”

He has been up to his eyeballs in Russians ever since he and his first wife, Ivana went to Moscow to talk hotels in 1987.

After Trump took out bankruptcy so many times, the American bankers wouldn’t talk to him anymore. Trump had to turn to Russian Oligarchs for money. Trump had two Russians running their Bayrock real-estate agency two floors beneath his own office in Trump Towers. Felix Sater and Tevfic Arif, his partner, joined with Trump on several business deals. Sater said in a six year period, he often popped into Trump’s office to talk business with him. Sater once flew to Colorado with Trump. In 2006, Trump asked Sater to accompany Ivanka and Don Jr. to Moscow to look for possible partners in the building of a Trump Moscow Hotel, he did.

In 2007, there is even a picture of Trump and these two Russians taken at the launching of his hotel, SoHo. In a deposition, under oath, in the lawsuit against his fake university, Trump said if Felix Sater was sitting right in front of him, he would not know who he was! This is the genius of this pathological liar, he can tell the most bold faced lies and his supporters believe him!

In 2008, Don Jr. said to a reporter he had made six work trips to Russia in eighteen months. He said, “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia, in fact, most of our profit is coming from Russia.”