Truck N’ Auto expands services

Samantha Hill

Although Truck N’ Auto Customs has been around since last November, it can now do even more for a vehicle.

Stacey Adams, who originally owned TMA Detailing, now owns Truck N’ Auto Customs, a shop that has expanded to handle almost anything auto related.

“We are the only shop in Park County that does as much as we do,” Adams said of Truck N’ Auto Customs.

When she said that the business does almost everything, she means it. Stereo installations, restorations, custom car washes, detailing and even disposing of any biohazards are just a few things Truck N’ Auto Customs can do.

Adams, along with her partner, Dan Astrom wanted the shop to be a one-stop shop for Park County residents. After Adams’ son Zack Stark joined the team a few months ago, Stark added more mechanical expertise to make it even easier for people to care for cars.

The shop has only a few services left to add to its list, such as window tinting and a website, which the family said they will add soon.

The business is located at 217 W. Park St., Ste. D. The space is a newly remodeled 3,500-square-foot mechanical shop.

While the three will work on any vehicle, they have their preferences. Astrom enjoys working on stereos, Stark likes working on any General Motors vehicle, and Adams likes working for their side business which services mini monster trucks.

“Of course, we all love working on old cars, too,” Adams laughed.

For more information, contact Trucks N’ Auto Customs  at 223-2264. The business is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.