Train wreck of lies resulted in the assault on the nation’s Capitol

Monday, January 11, 2021


U.S. Senator Steve Daines, Congressman Greg Gianforte (now Montana governor), and Montana Attorney General Tim Fox on Dec. 6 each signed their names to a clear effort to overthrow the duly elected government of the U.S. in the Texas lawsuit which intended to throw out millions of lawful votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia and unlawfully appoint Donald Trump President. Sedition is a felony act of inciting a revolt against the lawful authority of our government with the goal of overthrowing it.

Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte have wide access to important confidential information. They certainly knew the spurious nature of the Texas lawsuit that was presented to the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 8. Who we associate with says a lot about who we are. Yet they eagerly added their names to the colossal lie and with that action committed an act of sedition to overturn a vital and basic tenant of our Constitution, which is the value of every one of our individual votes.

They eagerly wanted to turn our country into an autocracy and destroy our functioning Constitution. On Dec. 10 the Supreme Court saw through the crooked facade in a few hours and unanimously rejected it.

They are each self described successful businessmen, but if they can not evaluate information and contentions any better than the lies in that lawsuit they are unqualified and unable to represent Montana as governor, attorney general, U.S. representative, or U.S. senator.

By these actions, all four of them have seriously violated their oath of office to protect the constitution and should be prohibited from ever holding any public office.

Tim Fox should be disbarred for acting to support statements he knew to be false.

Sixty lawsuits in state and federal courts over the last two months, pushed by the right wing arm of the Republican Party, have all completely failed to prove fraud in our election in November. Daines, Gianforte and Matt Rosendale are among the most powerful people in the U. S. Again, they have access to the most accurate and complete information available. Do they read? If so, they would have understood that all the Trump lawsuits were based on lies and deceptions. The main reasons I see for the criminal complicity in Daines and Gianforte joining the Texas - Pennsylvania lawsuit and Daines and Rosendale joining the Electoral College spectacle on Jan. 6 is a profound lack of moral judgment, incompetence and a destructive hyper-partisan attitude.

Due to their eager advocation for the overthrow of our U.S. government they need to be impeached and removed from office and convicted of sedition.

The absolute train wreck of lies about our 2020 election directly resulted in the assault on the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6. Daines and Rosendale were directly, continuously, eagerly and actively involved in the seditious criminal attempt to overthrow our government.

Their actions were a direct link to the violence and chaos in the U. S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Maybe the riot by domestic terrorists in the Capitol, Daines’ work place, scared him when he finally saw what the tip of his sword of tyranny was doing. His intention was to commit an act of sedition, yet his change of plans does not absolve him of his aggressive threats up to Wednesday afternoon.

Daines violated his constitutional oath of office. Rosendale attempted to overthrow the government and violated his oath of office, along with 146 other Republicans, with his votes in the U.S. House of Representatives the night of Jan. 6.

Tom Murphy