The tragedy of sex crimes


Sex crimes are not victimless crimes. They are among the most heinous crimes committed, and because they are so often committed by friends, acquaintances, and, yes, family members, victims are violated not only physically, sexually and emotionally, but their ability to trust can be seriously impaired.

Victims of sex crimes often suffer well into adulthood and beyond. Relationships and self-esteem can be irreparably damaged, intimacy can be skewed in unhealthy ways. Their sense of shame and the need for secrecy causes a need for distancing, and a sense of separateness, loneliness and unworthiness they simply do not deserve.

Yet, so often, whether adult or child, they are not believed, not supported, and the perpetrator goes freely about his life. Molesters and rapists do indeed belong in custody for the protection of those upon whom they prey. Perpetrators should immediately turn themselves in to law enforcement, plead guilty, and accept the consequences so victims and their families can get on with their lives as well as they can.

If a person feels these loathsome urges, they should seek help for themselves and take responsibility prior to acting on them. There can be no justification for the damage done to their victims, their recidivism rate is notoriously high, and the next victim could be you or your child, all for a little perverted sexual gratification.

Bonnie Severson