TIME OUT WITH LOIS: Trusting God with the little stuff in our lives

We have been the kind of people that companies love as customers. He-Who-Takes-Long-Steps and I have always been what is now called “brand-loyal.” If we sign up for insurance or a phone, we are in for the long haul. No switching back and forth between companies for us.

Lois Olmstead

At our house, it was called “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Switching from one company or to another gives me shivers. We got our first cellular phone from Montana Cellular in 1991. It was a bag phone the size of a shoebox. When that company merged with another, we stayed on. Then another company bought that one, and we stayed on. Then came smaller phones and another company. We stayed on. You get the picture? We have the same company we started with, only our current phone provider would not even know who Montana Cellular was.

The same with our car insurance. We liked our State Farm agent we met in 1974. We stayed with him and his company until he retired. Another agent took his place and we stayed, through our teenagers, our middle age, our own retirement and now me alone. Still same account, same company. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sticking with companies applied to other stuff. He-Who drove Chevys. I drove Fords. He drank decaf, I drank regular. Neither of us wanted anyone to mess with our coffee either — no cream, no sugar, or other stuff they use now. We were avid newspaper readers. He read the funnies first, I read the front page. Always. Things staying the same. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That did not mean we did not like new things. We were quite adventurous and loved seeing new places, meeting new people, reading new books and eating at new places. Just don’t mess with our coffee, our cars or our infrastructure (phones, insurance, etc.)!

All of that is to say I have had one of the most frustrating three weeks ever. It was like “Alexander’s Terrible Horrible No-Good Day” (read the book if you haven’t), only my day lasted three weeks. My internet provider sent me a letter saying I was going to have to find a new company. Long story short, my email address had to change. The address that sends this column around the world, the address that is on my website, in all my books and the address on all our ministry information, all had to be changed.

Then the age of my office computer was determined to be an antique (2009), so that had to be replaced. No one asked me, in the course of all this, how old are you? Did they even consider I may not have enough brain power left upstairs to get this?

Please believe me when I say, “This was beyond me.” Thankfully, I was able to take my mess to a local computer professional and he got it all fixed. The frustrating part was all the changes. If I did not believe God would help me through this I would have given up. I sent up so many prayers. I read all my “God will be with you” verses over and over.

I was not going to tell you about it. Then I thought you might be going through something similar. Will it help you to know God helped me endure? Whether it is your washing machine quitting, your car radiator broke, or your back pain diagnosed as shingles, it is frustrating. All of those happened to friends of mine this week.

For me it is easy to trust God with really serious life things. I know I cannot handle them on my own. It is the little stuff that messes with my brain. Interesting? Let’s read II Chronicles chapter 20 this week and see if it helps you. It sure helped me. Thank you, Jesus.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lois Olmstead is an inspirational speaker and author who lives in the Shields Valley. Email her at loiso@wispwest.net or visit www.timeoutwithlois.com.