TIME OUT WITH LOIS: Some good lessons learned for this week

Just so you know, the motel I got to was the one I was supposed to get to this week.

Lois Olmstead


My destination was the Grouse Mountain Lodge near Glacier Park in Montana to do a noon keynote speech for a convention. It is 375 miles from where I live, so my friend Shary offered to ride and drive with me. She ran my book table, too, so I could visit with people.

So there is our first lesson for this week. Are you open to accepting the help of others? Do you let God minister to you by willingly receiving help? All around me are busy people leading busy lives with full schedules, good things, too. However, what a joy it is when someone comes alongside to offer a helping hand. All of us can use that.

May I say, if you answer, “Not me,” then I fear you might be too self-sufficient for your own good. A lesson from my cancer experience was learning to gratefully accept help from others. I got blessed and so did they. Enough said?

The next lesson to share with you this week, came from the motel. One of my favorite places to stay if my travels take me northwest is at the Edgewater Motel in Lakeside. It has been there many years. My favorite room faces Flathead Lake. You can walk out the door, grab a lawn chair and go right down to the dock. But when I called, that room was taken.

“Drats,” I said. I had so wanted Shary to have that view and restful time on our trip. The lady said the room above my favorite one was available. “OK,” I said, feeling a bit letdown. “Make a reservation for us for that one.”

We made good time for the first leg of the journey, got the keys for our room and went up the stairs (above my “favorite” room) and unlocked the door. “Wow,” we both said at the same time. The view of the lake was beautiful, unobstructed by any boats or trees because we were higher. A better view than down below. And you know what? There was a door to a private deck!

So can we have our second lesson this week be sometimes we don’t know everything about everything? Sometimes a disappointment can turn into something good? At least this week that is my lesson and you are welcome to share it with me.

Moses got that lesson, too. In Exodus 15:13 it says, “In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.” Seems fitting for us, too.

The convention was for editors of rural electric cooperative magazines across the country. Many of the workshops were on writing and appropriately using today’s technology to get information out effectively. I felt right at home in that genre. Then it was my turn on the platform sharing from a Montana perspective.

Once again on my way home, my heart was so full of joy in getting to do what I do — sharing with others some keys to enjoying this journey we call life on this earth, and especially in these times, adjusting to the changes around us.

And it so like God, teaching me whilst I am coaching others. “Time Out with Lois” has happened because of the help of so many people. It is my prayer that you think about the lessons of this week: Are you open to accepting the help of others? Do you let God minister to you by willingly receiving help from friends? Are you willing to be open to looking for a blessing in a disappointment?

 I am excited to see what happens, for you and for me, with one good word for this week — willing.


  EDITOR’S NOTE: Lois Olmstead is an inspirational speaker and author who lives in the Shields Valley. Email her at loiso@wispwest.net or visit www.timeoutwithlois.com.