TIME OUT WITH LOIS: Remembering thank-you moments

I went out to Livingston HealthCare for lunch with our son Kevin, who works there. All of us in this area are so thankful for our beautiful new hospital. I can add it as my Thankful #29 for November 2017. It has been good making this list, really putting some thought into each one. There is a book, “One Thousand Gifts” (a gift idea for you) by Ann Voskamp on how being thankful brings a life of joy. 

Lois Olmstead


Before I tell you a wonderful gift story, I need to finish the hospital tale. I had a dollar and some loose change in my vest pocket. I chose a cup of light soup, knowing they weigh the food and it would fit my budget! The coffee is free so I was in good shape.

Kevin and I met in the cafeteria. He had already eaten his lunch. We had a good talk. He even helped me with a computer glitch. Then we said, “See you later.” I picked up my dishes to take them where you take them, and saw my friend Jennifer. I sat down to chat with her. We had a good visit after which I said, “See you later” and headed for the door.

“Lois is that your vest hanging on that chair?” Some friends were at another table close to where Kevin and I sat. They read this column, so it was no surprise to them that I need looked after. I went back, got my vest, made my way out the door. I happened to glance back. Good grief, there was Jennifer taking my dirty dishes to the dish place! All I could do is laugh and wave a “thank-you” to her. She couldn’t wave. Her hands were full!

That was another “thank you” moment. I have such special friends! And yes, they do help me along in life, as do our boys.

My friend Jewell Redmon told me a wonderful gift story. She would go to Sheila Siegal’s Scrapbook Store every Christmas because Sheila made very special Advent calendars. They were original designs and ideal keepsakes to give.

“When I got into the store,” Jewell said, “I was late. I had been so busy that year. There were only two left. One had a Santa carefully studying a gift list with lots of colorful hand-cut paper toys of all kinds arranged on it. The other was more traditional with snow, sleighs and such. I studied them a bit and told myself, “Just pick one” so I did, paid for it and took it home.”

Jewell, with a catering business, really was busy for the holiday season. She said, “I needed to get it sent. It was a gift for our son Keith and his family in California. It is a wonder I even looked at it carefully … but I did … and could not believe my eyes. There on the list that Santa had in his hands was a carefully scripted record of names, the top on the boy’s list was Ernest. On top of the girl’s list was the name Gertrude.

Jewell said, “Tears welled up in my eyes. My hands shook. I could not believe it. My father and mother were Ernest and Gertrude.” She went on to tell me that sending the now precious Advent calendar to Keith and his family would be so meaningful for them since Keith was so close to his Grandma Gertrude when she was alive.

Thank you, Jewell, for letting me share this story. It is what is so wonderful about celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas (Read Matthew 2 this week). Love seems to be in the air in a more special way. I pray it will bring you readers joy to share the love of Jesus with others and make special memories of your own.


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