TIME OUT WITH LOIS: Jesus experienced the same things we go through in our everyday lives

Our oldest son, Todd, sometimes filled in when his pastor was away from the Colstrip Alliance Church. Excerpts from one of his sermons brings me comfort today. Thank you, Todd, for letting me share that portion with our readers:



Pastor Shawn is on a much-deserved vacation this week. I am not sure if anyone is aware of how many hours he puts in for our church, but it is a lot. I spoke right up at our board meeting, “If you go, I’d be glad to fill in.”

Before we begin looking at Hebrews 4, I have a question for you. I don’t know how many of you do any carpentry work, but have any of you hit your thumb with a hammer?

You are pounding away and then all of a sudden WHAM! You just feel it get smashed flat. Then you think maybe it is OK …until you get that first throb of pain and then you realize, “No it is not OK.”

I can tell by just how you are looking and your expressions that several of you have done that. You know just what that feels like. So you can really appreciate the feelings of someone that happens to. You know it is the same as seeing someone slam their finger in a car door. We have all done it, and we just cringe when we see it happen because we know what it feels like.

For a long time in my family I was the only one who hadn’t hit a deer out of my brothers, my folks and the rest of the family. And I confess there is just a little sense of competition in me, not that I would get too cocky, but every time it would come up (and some of them were getting pretty good at it) I’d laugh and say, “How could you be so stupid to not see a deer standing in the road? Do you drive with your eyes closed?” And I would get a good laugh out of it.

Then one day when I was driving to work, all of sudden here was this deer right in front of me and “BOOM,” I hit it with my truck. Now whenever someone tells me they hit a deer I say, “Oh yeah, they can just show up out of nowhere, and it’s just terrible and there is nothing you can do.”

Once I had lived that experience, I had a lot more to base my judgment of other people on. I could understand what they went through. I could feel what was going on with them.

This relates to what we know and understand about Jesus. He underwent some of the same feelings and emotions we do every day. I think that is part of the reason God sent Him to earth as He did.

In our passage in Hebrews 4, verse 15 says Jesus can sympathize with many of the things that happen to us in our day-to-day lives because He experienced far more of these than we can realize. He knows what it feels like to be alone. Jesus easily understands what we go through. He also experienced pressure and loss. And it is pretty obvious He had some really rotten days. You look in Matthew 14. That chapter describes essentially one day in the life of Jesus. So as I look at all this, I know that Jesus has a really good understanding of the emotions we go through. He can sympathize with our pain. He knows what pain feels like. And He welcomes us to come to Him.

Look at that 16th verse in Hebrews chapter 4: “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Amen.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lois Olmstead is an inspirational speaker and author who lives in the Shields Valley. Email her at loiso@wispwest.net or visit www.timeoutwithlois.com.