Three cheers for the agenda of President Donald Trump


We have seen a number of “never Trumper” letters in the paper and a few days ago the question was posed, “Where is the public outcry over Donald Trump?” Not sure this is what some of you had in mind, but I am very happy to “cry out” for Trump’s successes over the last year. If you only get your news from CNN, MSNBC (Maddow is a peach, isn’t she?), NPR, Washington Post, et al, you probably don’t know this but: 2 million new jobs last year, 860 regulations pulled back, 500 bureaucrats fired from the VA, 300 deadbeats fired from the Department of Education, consumer confidence at a 16-year high, CEO confidence at a 20-year high, 123 companies have already given bonuses and/or pay raises due to the tax deal just signed, 4.1 percent overall unemployment with the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits at a 44 1/2 year low, 7.3 percent jobless rate for blacks, the lowest in 17 years, 4.7 percent unemployment for Hispanics, the lowest rate ever recorded. 

In fact, for all the whining about Trump being a racist, while giving absolutely no actual evidence, I am convinced the only color President Trump cares about is green. And he wants all of us to have more of it in our pockets.

Back to a few more successes: the last three quarters’ GDP over 3 percent (the Obama economy didn’t achieve that for even one of his 8 years), 40,000 new manufacturing jobs added in November 2017 alone (the largest one-month increase in 15 years), Obama economy lost 12,000 manufacturing jobs in 2016 while 159,000 factory jobs have been added under Trump so far with factory workers’ unemployment rate currently at 2.6 percent (the first time in history of recording this stat that it is under 3 percent). If you have any money in the stock market you likely have benefited from the phenomenal value growth in your portfolio. And Neil Gorsuch was a fantastic SCOTUS selection.

I could go on with a bunch more accomplishments from the Trump administration leadership, but this is a good start.  

Remember, he was elected on “Build the Wall” (coming before we give amnesty to any group of illegal aliens, along with an end to chain migration, diversity lottery, E-verify and hopefully an end to anchor baby citizenship), jobs and pay increases for all Americans (check), repeal and replace Obamacare (so far the mandate is gone — making progress), tax reform (latest bill the best we have had since Reagan but a lot more to do), rebuild our military, immigration reform, trade reform and infrastructure reform. In short — Make America Great Again. Despite amazing opposition from career politicians from both parties and the main stream media (MSM), the President Trump agenda promised us during his campaign is making outstanding progress for America and Americans — all Americans.

By the way, my hard stats all came from Limbaugh (who I don’t think has given an inaccurate stat in his 30 years on the airwaves), FOX News, Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch. 

I don’t think you can even find a lot of these numbers on MSM outlet sources, so those of you on CNN or MSNBC probably haven’t heard many of them before.  

Three cheers for the Trump Agenda!

Larry Stephenson
Paradise Valley