Three arrested for attempted North Main Street break-in

 Livingston police apprehended two men and a juvenile for alleged attempted burglary early Monday morning.

The three suspects, one of whom was armed, were taken into custody after officers found them trying to gain entry to a North Main Street residence around 4 a.m., according to Livingston Chief of Police Darren Raney.

Police were informed of the break-in attempt by a resident who was inside the house at the time. The resident called 911 when he heard the individuals talking as they were trying to get into the house, Raney said.

Officers first arrested Boone T. Barrett, 21, of Livingston, who carried a handgun, according to Raney.

 The other two individuals fled on foot, but were soon captured and identified as David A. Herron, 24, of Livingston, and 17 year-old Devin Duncan of Livingston, Raney said.

All three suspects will be charged with attempted burglary, a felony, Raney said.

Police believe that the individuals were somehow acquainted with one of the residents who was not home at the time of the incident. That relationship and the motive for the attempted break-in are under investigation, Raney said.