Thoughts on city management


Many wise people studied for a long time and made presentations before the City changed from the mayor form of government to the city manager form of government. Urana Clarke headed that study group, and she is probably turning over and over in her grave at the thought of the city thinking about another change.

I have been told that our city government has 97 employees and a $15,000,000 budget that requires close monitoring by the person in charge of the city. This is just too much for a mayor to handle plus his/her primary job. There are decisions that must be made immediately, VIP persons that must be tended to, functions, etc., etc. Even now our city manager has hired an assistant to help him. Older residents can remember the last time the city mayor had an administrative assistant in charge on a daily basis and the disastrous results!

Think of how a mayor would be selected, what would be required of the person, to what group would he be responsible, who would be responsible for the city when the mayor was not in the building, and the list of problems goes on and on.

Food for thought — the city has a $15,000,000 budget and the commissioners must make decisions which usually involve money in some way. Are you attending commission meetings to know what decisions your elected officials are making that will cost you money in one way or another?

Attend and speak up and hold the commissioners responsible!

Patti Orndorff