Those seeking common sense gun laws are not Marxists or socialists

Thursday, June 2, 2022


In response to Tuesday’s first letter to the editor, titled: “We don’t need a ban on any type of weapon” and its ridiculous claim that “Marxists and socialists are struggling to gain control of the country by getting rid of weapons in the hands of private citizens”: The truth is that those asking for common sense legislation are not Marxists or socialists. They are concerned citizens lobbying for ways to help protect people from crimes of passion and an extremely small lunatic fringe.

An example of practical legislation is when the National Firearms Act, in the 1930s, made it illegal for private citizens to possess a “sawed off” shotgun without registration with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms — which requires a background check. This policy was created for obvious reasons. Such a firearm was being used too often for killing people. That policy has not created a slippery slope — and neither would requiring background checks and waiting periods for most gun purchases. These types of restrictions save innocent peoples’ lives.

Joe Phelps

Paradise Valley


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