T-shirt company features area-centric slogans

Samantha Hill

People like to represent their community in different ways, and now Livingston and Paradise Valley residents can wear their pride on a T-shirt.

Abby Hernandez, who grew up in Livingston and Paradise Valley, started the Paradise Valley Shirt Company over a year ago out of love for the area while she was living in California.

“It was something I liked to do when I was feeling kind of homesick,” she said.

Hernandez moved back to the area recently with her husband and two children, and reinvigorated the business with the launch of a website, www.paradisevalleyshirtco.com.

When she was coming up with shirt ideas, Hernandez offered a survey to gauge what people would be interested in, and the results are featured on the website.

The the Paradise Valley Shirt Company offers Montana area-centric slogans, and many shirts also feature the state’s shape prominently on the front. Slogans include “I’d rather be … fishing,” “happy trails” and the simply stated “Paradise.”

The shirts come in a number of colors, including grays, blues and pinks, with tank tops and short sleeve tops in men and women’s sizes.

Hernandez said she will have children’s sizes soon, as well as hoodies, hats and long-sleeved shirts for the fall.

“I wanted to get out what I could, and then I am slowly planning to add more,” she said.

For now, the shirts are sold on the website and at Pine Creek Lodge, but Hernandez is working with area retailers for other possible outlets.

Hernandez can be reached between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling (406) 200-8363 or emailing info@paradisevalleyshirtco.com.