Support Buffalo Field Campaign’s alternative


America’s last wild, migratory buffalo (or bison), the beloved Yellowstone herds, have been under siege for decades by Montana’s livestock interests and the government agencies that support them. Under the highly controversial Interagency Bison Management Plan, thousands of wild buffalo have been destroyed and abused in America’s public parks and forests while taxpayers have borne its multimillion dollar costs. 

This plan is due to expire and a new plan is being prepared to take its place. Despite new scientific information and changed land uses that favor wild buffalo roaming America’s public lands, the current draft plan is heading in the same destructive and costly direction.

The wild bison advocacy group Buffalo Field Campaign is proposing an entirely different alternative. They have proposed a “Manage Wild Buffalo like Wild Elk in Montana” alternative, which uses the best available science that takes all changed circumstances into consideration, respects wild buffalo, and supports their freedom to roam America’s public lands.

I am asking everyone who reads this letter to show your support for this alternative. America’s last wild buffalo will not survive more of the same. We must insist on a shift that considers the buffalo’s perspective, and honors their important contribution to the land.

Susan Biggs
Columbia City, Indiana