Sunday marks highest daily increase for Park

Sam Klomhaus
Monday, October 26, 2020

Park County continues to see increases in COVID-19 cases as the weather turns cold.

“Things are worse here in Park County and in Montana than they have been at any point in the pandemic,” Park Officer Dr. Laurel Desnick said in a video message Friday. “We currently have dozens of active cases and at least five of our friends and neighbors are infected every day.”

The state of Montana reported six new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Park County Saturday, 16 cases Sunday and nine cases Monday.

Sunday’s increase is the highest daily increase in cases the state has reported for Park County so far during the pandemic.

According to the state, Park County has reported 245 total cases, with 78 active.

Desnick said it’s safe to assume there are more people in Park County who have COVID-19 that the Park County Health Department doesn’t know about who have mild symptoms, don’t want to get a COVID-19 test or are not able to get a test quickly.

A number of people in Park County have developed quite severe symptoms, Desnick said, although there have been no COVID-19 deaths in the county.

As of Sunday, the state reported there was one person hospitalized in Livingston HealthCare with COVID-19.

There is no community transmission in Park County, according to the state.

The Livingston School District announced in a press release Friday one student at Winans Elementary and one staff member from an interagency partner have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the release, the student has had no close contacts with students or staff and is recovering at home.

The staff member is safely quarantined at home and has had limited access to Park High students and staff.

There will be no disruptions to classes or activities, the release said.

Desnick said the community still has the ability to combat the COVID-19 situation if it so chooses.

“At this point there is no mystery about what we can do to turn this pandemic around,” Desnick said. “We can wear masks. Each and every one of us.”

Desnick said the majority of people are following the rules, but it takes everyone to bring the numbers to a manageable level.

“It is about coming together as a community to protect each other,” Desnick said.