Student wins patriotic essay contest in Livingston


Fifth-grader Morgan Sites’ poem won first place in the Livingston School District for the American Immigration Council‘s “Celebrate America” essay contest. The poem will then be judged in Washington state and have the potential to be submitted for the national contest. Submitted below is the poem:

Our Story

I was lonely on a giant boat, surrounded by an endless moat, sailing on seas so vast. I heard” Land Ho” so I climbed to the highest point I could and there she was in all her beauty the golden shine of Lady Liberty. Still one more trial to decide my fate the fabled Ellis Island. Is it the isle of tears and rejection or a place of joy and redemption? The name scared me even at the mention. I was so close and there was so much tension. We were nearing land and at the captain’s command the crew slowed the engine, as we drifted into the harbor, my view of America got larger and larger. Everyone’s spirits had arisen, we were getting out of that dirty prison. The moment I got off of that boat, I promised to strive and thrive for a better life as long as America was alive. I said fame and fortune shall be my trade for this is the place where heroes are made. I looked around, I was astounded, so many different things and sounds. A wide array, what could I say, about this wonderful, beautiful place. There were many amazing cultures, foods and names. I saw other kids playing new games. It was truly hard at first, but it could have been much, much worse. The American faith and hope has not yet died, yes, even now, it is on the rise. All the legends may not have been true, but this is still a safe haven for me and you. Hear my legacy and with it you’ll learn my story .. .. our story and the story of all the immigrants just like me. Millions of people can change a place just like America was those years ago. I am glad America is a nation of immigrants