Sounds from 'The Attic'

Hunter D'Antuono

The Whiskey Creek’s long-awaited upstairs music venue “The Attic” opened late this summer, breaking in the new stage with a show on the night of the annual Livingston Hoot concert and block party. The slick space, complete with a roomy bar, finely tuned acoustics and full-fledged stage-light setup has since hosted many local and visiting musicians. 

Onstage Wednesday night was Livingston native and Park High graduate Cameron Kayser, 21, who now studies music production and recording arts in Orlando, Florida. He played to a full bar with a series of original electronic orchestral style pieces, incorporating pre-mixed recordings over live instruments. The result is an abstract, emotive and free-flowing breed of sound. Joining Kayser and some of his musically-inclined alumni, were Park High sophomores Cole Nashan on trumpet and Eli Stevens on saxophone. Nashan treated the audience to a tune of his own composition blended with Kayser’s work, offering the two high school musicians a valuable live performance experience. They agreed it was inspiring to see former Park High students succeeding at their craft.

“I’d love to one day play at the professional level,” said Stevens.