Shut down attempts to expand as a bedroom community for Bozeman


Twenty eight years ago my wife, Sandy, and I chose Livingston to escape the rat race because it is a small, full-service city, stuck between a mountain (hill) and the majestic Yellowstone River with very little growth potential due to being served by a two-lane road that cannot be widened due to historic buildings. Unlike Bozeman where the city center now stretches out for miles, Livingston’s city center has nowhere to expand to and cannot facilitate the added traffic anyway. The “parking” problem exists due to lousy planning that allowed too much infill. We are basically stuck with those past mistakes. Our city commission and new manager need to focus on core issues and quash these growth related ideas that are fueled by greed. Focus on maintenance and leave the rustic charm of downtown Livingston intact. 

Have you tried to see the mountains in Bozeman lately? The view is clouded by smog and the air downtown is so polluted with vehicle, chimney and increasing industrial exhaust that it’s unhealthy to breath. We need to shut down all attempts to expand Livingston’s use as a bedroom community for Bozeman (forget about another railroad crossing). 

We don’t need the additional traffic, pollution or strains on our already saturated city services and schools. Property values will continue to go up. It’s inevitable whatever we do, thus it’s no excuse. The only feasible way for Livingston’s population to expand to 11,000 as our new city manager projects is to expand, annex and open up the northwest side for expensive homes to further serve the bedroom communities of Bozeman.

Ronald N. Fick