Several buildings hit with graffiti

Liz Kearney

A number of city buildings and other equipment were hit with graffiti “tags” over the weekend, but all have been quickly cleaned off. 

According to police call logs, most of the tagging seems to have occurred Saturday night, with residents noticing the vandalism and reporting it Sunday morning. 

Livingston Police Chief Dale Johnson said spray-painted graffiti was reported on the Livingston Civic Center, McNair Skate Park, Town & Country Foods and the Grabow Building, among others. A city-owned vehicle was also tagged on its hood, he said. 

Randy Chambers, with Montana Pressure Wash Systems, said his company has a contract with Livingston’s Business Improvement District and its Urban Renewal Agency to patrol downtown three times a week to watch for — and remove — graffiti as soon as it appears. 

Getting after it while it’s still relatively fresh helps make removal easier, plus it discourages others from adding to the graffiti, he said. 

“We try to get it off within 24 hours because a tag attracts other tags,” Chambers said. 

Johnson said an investigation into the vandalism is ongoing.


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