Senator Steve Daines: Montana deserves better

Monday, January 11, 2021


Senator Daines, you are a coward, a liar, and an accessory to multiple crimes, including (unless the charges are downgraded) accessory to murder.

We, the people of Montana, deserve better.

You are a coward.

Before the congressional meeting on Jan. 6, you proudly objected to the certification of several states’ election results. After experiencing threats to your safety, you dropped your objections. You did not have the guts to provide a substantive explanation for your change of mind. If you truly believed that the election was stolen, why the change of heart? Your constituents deserve a full and honest explanation.

Yes, that will take courage, and here’s why: You never believed that the election was rigged.

You are a liar.

You’ve known all along that the claims of massive election fraud were false; that these claims were invented in support of illegal efforts to overturn the election results. You promoted the “steal the vote” story to please the President, to fundraise, and to burnish your image as a faithful Republican. By omitting of a full explanation of your original lie, you lied to the voters yet again.

Your cowardice and dishonesty had grave consequences.

You are complicit to crimes committed against innocent individuals and the people of the United States. Your lies provided the false moral basis for thousands of thugs to stage an attack on police and on the very institutions of our democracy. Officer Sicknick did not get the option to be a coward: he had to put his life on the line; Officer Sicknick did not get to change his mind about showing up for work. His blood is on hands.

Officer Sicknick, the people of Montana, and the entire country must live with the consequence of your cowardly and dishonest actions.

You must now choose: Tell the truth, or resign.

Admit that you changed your mind because you knew that the election was legitimate. Yes, that will take courage. Many of your constituents will be disappointed to learn that they were duped. Yes, telling the truth will take courage because the Rethuglican wing of your party will denigrate you (RINO! Traitor!). You swore to “faithfully discharge the duties of the office.” Lying to the public isn’t part of such discharge. Your oath requires that you make a choice.

If you can’t find the courage to tell the truth, you must resign.

Ruth Weissman

Paradise Valley