Road trip: God can take care of us wherever we are

Once upon a time there were two old — age 74 and 92 — but young at heart Montana women who decided to go on a road trip. They decided to call it “The Great Adventure.” They made a plan.

Lois Olmstead


Their husbands had gone to heaven. Hopefully they would be watching over them; for sure God would be. Kids were consulted. They said we should call it “Driving Miss Daisy times Two.” Prayer partners were enlisted.

Tillie got new tires and Jim at Pony Express did an oil change and checked her thoroughly. My mother and I packed the car with two suitcases each, water bottles and snacks. Then we had to have our GPS/navigator lessons. The first leg of our trip went into the Maps App. After much discussion, we decided to call the GPS “Harriet.”

It would be a seven-day, 2,800-mile road trip. We would leave on Tuesday and be home the following Monday. We had three destinations: 1) See very dear friends Ron and Sharon Burton in Coachella, California; 2) See my dad’s cousins in Fresno, California; 3) Go over Donner Pass and make it back home. Oh yeah, and do all this safely and harmoniously. (Since we are not married to each other, we figured the last part would be a cinch.)

There were two slight hitches — I had to speak in Billings, 100 miles in the other direction from California on Tuesday morning. So I drove to Billings Monday night, spoke to a great group of people at 9 a.m., had a fun time, and since two ladies there made decisions to follow Jesus, it was terrific!

While I was zipping home from Billings, yes, at the speed limit, Mom was getting the front tooth she broke off on Friday fixed by Dr. Strupp, her blessed dentist who worked her in. When I pulled into the ranch at 1 p.m., her suitcases were out in her driveway and so was she.

She prayed a “taking off” prayer and away we went. We stopped once for gas and a sausage biscuit (she was supposed to eat soft stuff). The boys told us to stay on the interstate highways, so we drove North on I-90 to Butte, got on Interstate 15 South and stopped in Idaho Falls for gas and (soft) cherry pie.

We are so good at discussing options. Mom held our trusty Road Atlas in her lap along with a clip board to record our journey so we could tell you all we saw. Her other job was being our snack lady. We munched our way along.

A short segue way here. We were told by our family (who care about us and our stuff) not to be telling everybody in the world where we were going and how long, etc. I can’t imagine why they would think we, especially me, would tell the whole world? I guess they got the idea when I said I was taking all you people with us on the road trip, like a day by day report. They nixed that idea.

We wisely decided to go through Salt Lake at night — less traffic. We were in our motel in Lehi, Utah, at 10:30 p.m. We were 564 miles from home and, adding my 100 from Billings, 664 miles was a good first day.

I put my head on my pillow and then sat straight up. “Mom, we forgot to eat supper!” I am always harping at her to eat healthy. She said, “We’ll worry about it tomorrow,” and went to sleep.

May I tell you dear readers. I would have never done this trip, if I did not believe that God can take care of us wherever we are. Our lives are in His Hands. Do you know how comforting it is to know people are praying for you? 

Our verse for this trip is Psalm 32:8 and I can’t wait to tell you the rest of the story!


EDITOR’S NOTE: Lois Olmstead is an inspirational speaker and author who lives in the Shields Valley. Email her at or visit