Response to Stossel column

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Excuse me, John Stossel. As a lifelong heating contractor, having started at a very young age working for my family in a heating oil company with near 100 years cordial business relations with the Eastern Standard Oil Company in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, I cannot agree with your naysaying on climate change .

I have spent my life “sharpening up” fuel consumption for the general public, residential, commercial and industrial. Striving to lower their utility bills and indebtedness to corporate America. A bit of common sense asks, “Were we all born with an internal combustion engine strapped to our backs?” Nowadays, two or more? Or, “Would we venture out of doors and collect barrels of heating oil or natural gas or propane to throw on the hearth on a cold winter’s night? Sounds to me like you are the one craving corporate America’s indebtedness, despite it’s effects on mother earth.

Mark Murphy