Response to letter on bridge funds


 I appreciate a citizen letter to the editor May 29 presenting factual information about Park County’s Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) award.

 Park County recently received $109,955 in TSEP funds to be matched dollar-for-dollar by the county as part of a grant program. The funds will rehabilitate four county bridges deemed insufficient by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) based on its inspections (every two years) of all county bridges 20-plus feet in length. MDT determined the condition of the four bridges in question as posing the greatest threat to public health and safety.

 Incorrect, however, are the citizen’s comments that CTA Engineering reported in a public county commission meeting that Park County was awarded $400,000 in TSEP funds. CTA engineer Kevin Feldman correctly reported the $109,955 dollar figure and said Park County would thus have a total budget of about $220,000 for the four bridge projects. As the county recording secretary, I mistakenly noted the $400,000 figure in the weekly commission minutes. I apologize for that mistake. The official audio recording of the meeting reflects the correct grant award amount as explained by CTA.

 Park County relies on audio recordings of commission meetings as the official meeting record. Written minutes are a synopsis of meeting business intended to provide the public with a convenience. Unfortunately, as noted, written minutes are subject to occasional human error. Approved weekly commission meeting minutes are available at An audio recording of all recorded commission meetings can be requested in the county commission office for a nominal materials fee.

 John Mueller
 Park County Recording Secretary