Reddington best qualified for Clerk and Recorder/Surveyor


We are writing to encourage you to support Maritza Reddington as the Clerk and Recorder/Surveyor.

Maritza has worked in the office since 2007. She has vital experience and training in all areas of the duties provided in the Clerk and Recorder/Surveyor office. She has served as a deputy clerk, deputy election administrator and was appointed chief deputy, prior to her appointment as clerk and recorder/surveyor.

Maritza understands the importance of maintaining the county’s land records, legal documents, survey records and laws pertaining to the recording of these documents. She has worked as the deputy election administrator, assisting in all area of state, county, municipal and district elections.

This office requires a detail oriented person who is able to multi-task and always meet required time constraints. Maritza understands the importance of keeping accurate records and of dealing congenially with the public and how to encourage a well trained office staff. She is honest, reliable, and willing to work the hours needed for the position. We believe Maritza is the person best qualified to continue to serve as the clerk and recorder/surveyor.

Please vote Maritza Reddington for clerk and recorder/surveyor.

Denise Nelson and June Little