Monday, March 18, 2019


The following list of marriage ceremonies performed in February 2019 on licenses issued in Park County has been provided by Park County Sixth Judicial District Court:

• Feb. 3: Joseph Robert Solf and Eliza Robbie Melin were married in Park County.

• Feb. 8: John Patrick Gleason and Jordan Lee Carlstrom were married in Gallatin County.

• Feb. 12: Brandon Michael Wood and Brenda Jo Matteson were married in Park County.

• Feb. 13: Murphy Edward Barnes and Miriam H. Gelderloos were married in Park County.


The following list of marriage dissolutions in Park County in February, 2019 has been provided by the 6th Judicial District Court:

• Feb. 1: Andrew Burgos, petitioner, of Gardiner, and Brenda Burgos, respondent, of Helena.

• Tee Jay Heath, petitioner, of Clyde Park, and Heather Lutz Heath, respondent, of Joliet.

• Feb. 4: Lisa M. Lopez, petitioner, and Anthony Lopez, respondent, both of Livingston.

• Feb. 14: Nancy Schaefer, petitioner, of Phoenix, Arizona, and Eben Schaefer, respondent, of Emigrant.

• Feb. 15: Christopher Boyd, petitioner, and Patricia Boyd, respondent, both of Bozeman.

• Feb. 25: Hannah Sexton and Dale Sexton, joint petitioners, both of Livingston.