Wednesday, December 5, 2018


The following list of marriage dissolutions issued in Park County during the month of November has been provided by Park County 6th Judicial District Court.

• Nov. 8: Rebecca E. Canner, petitioner, and Laura A. Bray, respondent, both of Livingston.

• Nov. 9: Therese Emmanuel Grey, restored to Therese Emmanuel, petitioner, and Brian Emmanuel Grey, respondent, both of Emigrant.

• Nov. 13: Suzanna Menvey and Davis Menvey, joint petitioners, both of Cooke City.

• Nov. 19: Cody Wilsey, petitioner, and Jessica Wilsey, respondent, both of Livingston.

• Nov. 21: Kimberly Hartman, petitioner, of Bozeman, and John Hartman, respondent, of Belgrade.

• Nov. 30: Rufus Ivan Peace, of Missoula, and Katharina Ramona Peace, of Livingston, joint petitioners.