Readers share Christmas memories

Friday, December 7, 2018


December is the month we love sharing Christmas memories and stories from our readers.

He-Who-Took-Long-Steps and I always remembered the Christmas of 1990. We made a big deal of secrets that year. We shopped separately and didn’t even give any hints.

The night before Christmas we were in a motel. We would go to the ranch the next day. He had to go sit in the lobby while I wrapped his gifts. He made me do the same. I think the lady at the desk thought we were fighting! It was just we didn’t trust each other not to peek.

Christmas morning came. I gave him a clock radio with an alarm. He gave me an alarm clock with big numbers and a snooze button. I gave him really warm red and blue ski gloves. He gave me really warm pink and white gloves. We laughed, “We might as well have just shopped together!”

My friend, Judy Hunter from Montana shared their experience: “Love the story about the Chevron card! My Mom had a similar experience several years ago. She got a letter (promotional type) from the U.S. Olympic Committee and skier Billy Kidd (who was a silver medalist in downhill skiing many years ago). For a $10 donation, you would receive a light weight jacket with the Olympic Symbol. She thought Damon would like the jacket.”

She explained, “Damon at age 12 had participated in the International Special Winter Olympics in Park City, Utah. Damon got 4th place and he was not happy that he would not receive a medal. Billy Kidd was the presenter and he talked to Damon and helped him to see that he had done really well.”

“Okay, back to the jacket. Mom includes the story of Damon and Billy Kidd with her order she sent to a warehouse in Colorado. Whoever opened Mom’s order took the time to give the letter to Billy Kidd. He called my Mom and even stopped at her house to visit with her when he came to Big Sky for a ski race. Needless to say, she was thrilled, as we all were. Bless the person in the ware house and Billy Kidd. Thought you might enjoy this story.”

Thanks, Judy for sharing and say “Hi” to Damon. Bet he is out on the ski slopes already this year.

Theola Carter from Kansas wrote, “My favorite Christmas memory: My son, who is now 57 years old, in our Christmas program. When he was a young boy, he was a wise man and walked down the church aisle wearing a man’s old housecoat. Men wore old house coats in those days.”

Theola, I have pictures of our three boys with cardboard crowns on their heads and in bathrobes too!! My memories of Christmas programs go way back to country school. Every one of the 16 students attending Grannis School in grades one through eight had a part.

To this day I can see the “stage” made by stringing a wire from the middle of the back wall over to a side wall. Then white sheets with the tops pinned over the wire made the stage curtains. It was such a big deal. We would be in the back room waiting for our turn to go “on stage.”

Oh, the memories! I love Christmas. The picking of that special gift for a special person. Some of the very best are the least expensive. There were lots of funny gifts under our tree. He-Who got me a used bathrobe one year that cost him 75 cents just because I asked for a “comfortable one.”

I love celebrating Jesus’ birthday. This month I am reading a chapter in Luke (which has 24 chapters) every day. I will get the entire gospel story, finishing up on Christmas Eve. You could do that also. Just read two chapters a day until you catch up.

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