Readers respond to quarter story


Thank you, Jeremia Fox, for giving me the quarter. What benefits have been reaped! Letters came in from all over the country, folks sharing childhood memories, reminded by my own story …

If you did not read last week, my brother and I would be in the back seat. After we exhausted the game of “He touched me” or “She looked at me” we were told there was “a line in the center of the back seat and woe be the first person to cross it!” I wrote that to avoid having the car pull over to the side of the road (you know what that meant) I would start talking thinking they’d be thrilled to listen. That’s when my mother would say, “If you can keep quiet until we get to wherever, we will give you a quarter.” Needless to say, I never got many quarters.)

Jeremia capitalized on that when I was talking quite eloquently about something at Tuesday Coffee at church. He reached in his pocket, got out a quarter and put it beside my coffee mug. Soon Gina matched him with another quarter. I had to say through all the laughter, “Enough, enough!” as others reached for more.

Someone told me that it would be a great way to raise money for our Laundry Love project in Livingston when we put quarters and soap in the machines for people who come to the laundromats the first Saturday of each month. Maybe so.

From the mailbox: Karen Woods in Texas wrote, “No wonder we get along. My grandma used to tell a story about her meeting up with my kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Tomlinson told my grandma ‘that Karen sure was a sweet girl but talked too much!’”

Janis wrote, “Lois, loved the memories riding in the car ‘in the old days’ brought back!! My dad used to say, “Quiet down or we’ll trade you in for a spotted puppy”! Believe me, it worked!”

And Jane McIrvin in Kansas wrote, “Love this story. We used to have to play ... ‘Let’s see who can be the quietest’ in the car. I always lost.”

Tana was the one who got the final point. She wrote, “LOVE this Lois!! Thanks for the laugh ... it did my heart good ... like a medicine! Remember our verse was Proverbs 17.22?

The season of Lent is still on our minds. Karen mentioned that in her email, too.

“Interesting article (2/16). I grew up in the Presbyterian Church in Deer Lodge. It was the tradition to “give up” something for lent. We gave it up until Easter morning when we had sunrise service and Hot Cross Buns (never did like those things). I usually gave up candy or pop, but one year I gave up my bed! I slept on the floor for those 6 weeks!”

Chris Wistey in Montana wrote, “Growing up, I, too, thought that Ash Wednesday and Lent were just for Catholics. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter were the important days in the Congregational Church in Clear Lake, Iowa.”

She added, “During Lent we had fish on Fridays for hot lunch at school, and since I loved fish, I thought that was a pretty good deal. I didn’t think of it as denial. I love the idea of a ‘gift of love’ instead of ‘giving up’ something. I am sure Jesus is jumping for joy at that idea.”

Thank you all who keep encouraging us with your notes! My mom has been blessing friends with her Lent idea this year. She pulls a card each day from the basket full of Christmas cards she got. She writes their name down for that day and prays for them. The best part is she has been calling many of them to tell them she got their name that day and they are in her prayers! Way to go, Mom!