Reader dismayed over decision on one-way traffic for portion of Main


I read with great dismay the front page article where Livingston city commissioners have voted to make three blocks of Main Street a one-way. Everyone acknowledges that as our traffic increases, especially during the tourist months, navigating on and off Park Street is a skill requiring a lot of patience; especially when wanting to make a left hand turn to get onto Park. 

In retrospect, not allowing traffic to flow north is going to require all the arterial traffic from Callender, Lewis and Clark to plan ahead, in order to park on the 100 block north, the one hundred block south, and 200 block south. And because we are still “small town America” I feel the best solution is that we can continue to exercise patience and courtesy, and leave the traffic flow the way it is.

I totally understand there are no easy solutions, but this would be the best one. Life is stressful enough, without adding stress to the downtown business district. Things move a little slower with our present traffic flow, but in taking a closer look, sometimes slower is better. Better than other options which would create undue stress. I sincerely hope our city commission will take another look at the downtown traffic and see that our present flow of traffic is as good as it gets, and reconsider not turning three blocks of Main into a one-way. 

And I would like to also add a big thank you to our commission for not creating bulb-outs at our intersections. My number one concern was for the semis that frequent downtown and in observing them navigating their big rigs at our intersection when they turn a corner; I simply couldn’t imagine bulb-outs helping their situation.

Lindie Gibson