Ranger cross country takes a 3rd and 4th finish in boys varsity

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Photo courtesy Kirk Lentz

Sylvie Schoenen, left, of Park High, competes in the varsity cross country meet in Pony Saturday.

The Park High School cross country team continues to improve and last weekend’s meet was an opportunity for the team to focus on working together, said Coach Kirk Lentz.

Lentz said last weekend’s meet was a chance for the team to focus on “running together, running hills — not so much about competing against other teams.”

Several youngsters were out sick for the meet but the remaining athletes got the job done, the coach said.

“Some followed the race plan perfectly and performed really well, some did not follow the race plan and kind of suffered a bit because of that,” Lentz wrote in an email to The Enterprise. “It’s all part of the learning experience; learn those lessons now, early in the season or when they’re young so that they are better, smarter runners later.”

Coach Lentz further reported:

The middle school girls as a group probably did the best at following the race plan and as a team they place first at the meet with Ellie Wester, placing first and Ellie Wadle placing third to lead the pack.

The boys team had three in the top 10 (Tommy Hicks, Andrew Durgan and Colter Sienkiewicz) but Three Forks had too many runners come in before the team’s fourth and fifth runners, so they ended up second as a team, Lentz said. The JV runners did well, the coach said, adding that they keep improving many ways in their ability to run a 5K. Charles Yeager placed seventh with Asher Pertrulis close behind in ninth with times of 21:45 and 21:58 respectively.

Adelle Welch placed fifth (28:36) and Addie Melin placed eighth (29:41). The girls varsity team had Sylvie Schoenen running (eleventh at 23:40) but she ran well, the coach said, her fastest time of the season.

“Her strength really helped her up those hills,” the coach said.

The boys Varisty team had seven runners with Max Stern moving up to the varsity level.

“It was a jumbled mix of success and hiccups with a runner falling after the 2 mile mark and didn’t finish as well as he wanted but he did a great job of dealing with that adversity,” Coach Lentz said.

Conor Pierson finished third (17:56) and McCrae Wester finished fourth (18:23) and the other four boys (Max Stern, Jonathan Noble, Chris Orr, and Daniel Nelson) all finished in the middle of the field. Broadwater had a better team performance and they won by a few points.

Next week the team travels to Fergus, Lentz said.

“We hope we have a healthy crew across the board to really put in some good races and see what that does for us against some very competitive teams,” he said.