Public reminder: No fireworks on FWP lands

Enterprise Staff

Visiting a Montana fishing access site on July 4th is a great idea – just leave the fireworks at home.

Fire season in Montana is already underway in many parts of the state. This means it’s every citizen’s responsibility to be careful with fire and any potential sources of ignition. It’s been a long-standing policy with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to prohibit fireworks to protect the public as recreation and habitat resources, an FWP news release said. 

Fireworks are illegal on all state and federal land in Montana, including all FWP fishing access sites, wildlife management areas, state parks and other sites.

“The recent high temperatures and dry conditions is elevating the wildfire danger across the state, particularly in the east and northeast parts of the state where conditions are extremely dry. These conditions coupled with fireworks and increasing summer recreation have put firefighters on heightened alert,” FWP Director Martha Williams said in the release. “One careless spark could ignite the next wildfire.”

Anyone using fireworks on FWP lands may be charged with a misdemeanor that can result in a fine of up to $500.