Prom Pals: Male friends seek dance royalty

Samantha Hill

Young men Tim Short and Dakota Carbah spend much of their time together as best friends but now they want go to prom together as both king and queen on Saturday.

“I feel like we are better than most of the couples out there, so why not?” Carbah, 17, said.

Though they are not in love and dating, the two best friends are hoping to win the prom couple title because they want to make a statement and they are a good match, he said.

Short, 18, said the two met when he was in seventh grade and Carbah was in sixth, but they didn’t really become close until Short’s sophomore year in high school.

These two have become veterans at making a statement at school.  Carbah said he started a petition earlier in the year debating the effectiveness of a new tardy policy at the school. Short also made a silly gesture during school elections this past year by running posters against some of his friends as a sort of smear campaign.

“I ran one about how he was a vegetarian one week and then a week later he wasn’t. Everyone thought it was pretty funny,” Short said.

When coming up with the idea of becoming prom royalty together, they had to decide who was going to be the ‘King’ and the ‘Queen.’ The two asked all their friends which one would be the better candidate for each position, and Short said it ended up being pretty split.Ultimately, Carbah conceded to the queen position, which he didn’t see a problem with, although he will be wearing a tux, not a dress.

On Thursday, the two began campaigning for the position with posters on the walls and people’s lockers. Short said everyone he has talked to is supportive of the idea of them doing something different.

However, Short said the posters were reported to principal’s office later that day but the two were not reprimanded for their attempt.

“I really don’t know how the teachers feel about it,” Short said. “They haven’t said anything about it yet.”

Student Council Advisor Mia Tennant said she had only recently heard about the students’ attempt to become prom royalty and is looking into how to best approach the subject.

“I wouldn’t say that the school is for or against it, we just need to see what the boys’ intentions are,” Tennant said.

She said that she will be discussing the subject with the two students as well as others to figure out the next steps.

“We just don’t want to take away from a girl who had her heart set on prom queen,” Tennant said, adding “Maybe they would consider being co-kings.”

The Park High School prom will be held Saturday at the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts. The public may come take photos of the event from 7 to 8 p.m.